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Marine Nanocoatings

Nano-Clear NCI for Marine

Nano-Clear Coating Benefits:

- Restores Color, Gloss & Hardness

- Extreme Gloss & Abrasion Resistance

- Reduces Surface Maintenance by 50%

- Prevents UV Degradation of Paints

- Designed for Ships, Life Boats...


Before                                            After

Nano-Clear NCI is the only coating in the global marketplace to enhance, restore and extend the service life of newly painted or highly oxidized painted surfaces by 10 years.  Nano-Clear penetrates deep into the pores of newly painted or highly oxidized paints

and enhances color, improves gloss, dramatically increases surface hardness and

extends UV resistance.  Nano-Clear NCI is a one-component humidity cured / highly

cross-linked polyurethane hybrid nanocoating system - designed to be permanent.  


Painted Assets + Nano-Clear = 10 Year Performance Warranty

Nano-Clear Coating for Industrial Applications - US Army

Restore, Enhance & Extend Surface Life by 10 Years

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