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Company History

Nanovere Technologies specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of first-to-market nanocoatings with

multi-functional properties. Nanovere was founded in 2003 by Thomas Choate. Twenty-one years earlier, Thomas began

his scientific journey at the early age of 16 while working for Progressive Dental Laboratory in Brighton, MI. He began to

develop skills in the art and science of manufacturing porcelain teeth (crowns), dental metallurgy, polymer synthesis,

high heat ceramics and high heat porcelain glazes.  


In 1986, Thomas founded Felix Dental Arts which focused on creating "life-like" dental prosthetics for local sport celebrities.

In 1989, Felix Dental Manufacturing was founded with a focus on developing highly functional dental materials. Felix Dental

developed the world's first polyurethane hybrid dental polymers with a thermal expansion of 0.05%, novel dental adhesives,

super-hydrophobic coatings, silicone mold release agents and educational study models for dentists and dental technicians.

Felix Dental was sold to American Dental Supply (ADS) in PA.  ADS continues to market the Felix branded products including

Plastical, Petrosil & Diax to leading dental laboratories, dentists and Dental Universities.


In 2003, Thomas founded Nanovere Technologies using key scientific concepts, materials and processes he invented for the dental industry. Nanovere began the development of highly scratch resistant, chemical and UV resistant nanocoatings with self-cleaning properties. The technical challenge was to develop multi-functional nanocoatings that would outperform "all" leading automotive and aerospace OEM coating competitors. After 5 years of extensive research and product development, Nanovere introduced the world's first Dendritic Polyurethane Coating systems in 2008. Nanovere began working closely with leading validation organizations including GM, Jaguar, BMW, Boeing, Club Car & Polaris.


In 2009, Nanovere began joint development efforts with Bayer MaterialSciences, Alcoa and Sveza Les OOO based in

Russia. Nanovere's proprietary dendrimer based coating resins dramatically improve the overall physical properties of

leading coating resins and formulated coating systems.


In 2011, Nanovere partnered with Nippon Paint in Asia under a global licensing agreement of Vecdor (CyGlaz) Dendrimers.

Nippon is the largest paint manufacture in Asia. Today, Nippon manufactures and markets Nanovere's proprietary coating

dendrimers to dramatically improve crosslink density, scratch resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance

within Nippon coating systems. Nippon markets the Nanovere dendrimer platform under the trade name CyGlaz.


In 2013, Nanovere introduced the world's first ambient cure Nano-Clear Coating platform to exceed automotive OEM, industrial and aerospace OEM technical specifications. The Nano-Clear product portfolio is manufactured by Nanovere in Brighton, Michigan and sold globally through select distributors.  


Nano-Clear Coatings have been validated and in-use by leading chemical tank car manufactures, Toshiba Industrial Products, Sterling Crane, Nippon Paint, Carnival Cruise Lines, Queen Elizabeth & Queen Mary Cruise Lines, Princimar Chemical Carriers, OSG America...

Restore, Enhance & Extend Surface Life by 10 Years

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